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Benefits of marmarplast

Marble Plast is offering discounts and benefits to attract more customers’ satisfaction. Thus, upon re-requesting to change and replace other models of the company’s products, the 10% discount will be deducted from the previous purchase with the delivery of the previous products for each passing year from the date of purchase. And the maximum discount time of 5 years is 50%.

Three years (36 months) warranty

Given that the products of this company are manufactured with world-class technology, it assures you that after the product is shipped and installed, it will take up to three years for any changes in color and quality. Marble Plast guarantees a 36-month warranty and at any time After installing the warranty items, it can be changed at no cost.

Marmarplast features

Very low density (7 kg per square meter)
* Resistant to solvents and chemicals in the environment
* High heat resistance (with minimal exfoliation)
* High resistance to moisture and humid areas (up to 100%)
* Sound and sound insulation significantly
* Excellent thermal and cryogenic insulation
* Washable and suitable for sanitary environments
* Flammable fire and fire
* Flexibility and formation for archways